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Diplomas & certificates

UKR-PAK Ltd has a lot of diplomas & certificates.

Equipment produced by our plant in the most of cases has innovative engineering solutions.

New equipment

Thermo-Packing machine Thermo-Pack® TR-AL4-1200 is assigned for wrapping of groups of consumer goods, PET bottles with stripe of polymer shrinkable film by whole perimeter for making of transportable package.

Filling lines manufacturing

UKR-PAK Ltd works on market of manufacturing equipment already for 16 years. For this time we accumulated unique experience of development and integration of innovative products in fields of production and exploiting of manufacturing equipment.

Company won a lot of rewards for creating of wonderful products of manufacturing thought. The main direction of company is production of manufacturing equipment.

We started from supplies of international packing equipment and its assembling for Customer. But we don’t stay on the same place: now we are producers and every year we integrate new manufacturing lines. The main we kept is our high quality of production, professionalism of colleagues and efficiency of service.

  • Ukr-Pack Ltd

    In the end of 1995 the company was restructured and on the beginning of 1996 it became known as Ukr-Pack Ltd. In the period from 1996 to 1997 the company was selling Polish production.

  • Thermo-Pack

    In 1997 company organised own manufacturing of thermo-contractable machines "Thermo-Pack".

  • Tube-filling machines

    A year later in the company was organised own manufacturing of tube-filling machines.

  • Glazers

    And one more year later there was organised manufacturing of glazers.

  • Weighing-and-filling machines

    In year 2000 Ukr-Pack Ltd began production of line weighing-and-filling machines.

  • ETMA

    Two years later company started production of labeling machines «ETMA» for polypropylene film.

  • UKMA

    Soon, in year 2004 Ukr-Pak started production of closing machines named "UKMA". In August 2004 company started production of flowing refrigerators.

  • "SAU" & "ROZMA"

    In May 2005 Ukr-Pak started production of mix-saturators "SAU", in August of the same year — production of filling machines "ROZMA".

  • Комбайны (до 6 литров)

    В 2008 году был освоен выпуск комбайнов для розлива спокойных жидкостей, укупоривания и этикетирования ёмкостей объёмом до 6 литров.

For time of our company existing we created a system, which supports mutually beneficial cooperation with more than 280 companies in Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekestan, Baltic, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and other.

Our equipment can be used for optimization of production process, automation of operating process on any level, for providing of signification increase of labour productivity.

Depending on Customer needs, equipment can either realize only basic functions, or use maximum possibilities.

Technicians give advises for installation and setting of equipment, and also consult service staff of company-Customer about possible reasons and ways of their elimination.

We would be glad to cooperate with you!
Sincerely, Managers of UKR-PAK Ltd.


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